Troy Davis’s Death Sentence Never Commuted

On September 22, 2011, Troy Davis was executed by lethal injection in the state of Georgia for the murder of off-duty police officer Mark MacPhail in 1989. There were many questions around his actual guilt and this sparked a worldwide effort to commute his sentence. Amnesty International became involved among many public figures all over the world.

According to CNN News, Pope Benedict XVI and former President Jimmy Carter both petitioned against the death sentence of Troy Davis along with many human rights groups. People all over the world signed petitions for the commutation troy could have had if officials had listened. Davis died with statements to the effect that his death was necessary to sober people against the death penalty.

commutation troy

The United States currently has 13 states that have abolished the death penalty and it will take just a few more to create an Act against it. Meanwhile, the states that still use the death penalty are fighting hard to keep it. It is thought of as a reasonable deterrent and this is just how it works through the eyes of many Americans.

The execution of Troy Davis has made his face the poster figure against the death penalty. When so many around the country and around the world demanded that his execution be halted and it was to no avail, questions were raised. Is it reasonable to assume that this will never end? Or, with the public outcries against this inhumane form of punishment finally be heard?

It remains to be seen and the nation will see over the coming years. It has actually seemed unreasonable to use a death penalty for murder for some time. It is a hypocritical take on penalization when there is still the option of life without parole. In these times, people need to be especially wary of state legislation regarding death penalties from now on.