Defeating Deadly Landfills

They are everywhere. They are located across the highway, in a valley just below the town. They are placed out country roads near farms and subdivisions. They are essential; they have to exist. They have to be somewhere.  Government agencies and the public must take great care to ensure the health of the communities nearby. Citizens count on copious regulation to protect them from the related hazards.

We call them landfills. Those landfills are here to stay. There will be more of them in the future.

Tools like landfill gas analyzers protect communities from the hazards inherent in waste management. Ironically, we need to be protected from our own trash.

landfill gas analyzers

As the everyday products we use degrade, biogas can be emitted into the air, just like certain chemicals can invest groundwater. Oxygen levels and carbon monoxide levels must be monitored in and around landfills to make sure that communities remain safe.

The environment remains that big issue, so little discussed anymore in political discourse, which impacts the health and happiness of this generation, and the generations hereafter. How do we balance our need to dispose of our waste, with the responsibilities we all have to be responsible stewards of the earth, to not harm the air, the water, the soil, which give us, and our posterity, life?

How easy it is to throw trash into a bag and leave it on the curb for sanitation workers to pick up. How uncomfortable it is to think about the ramifications to the environment-on the children of both today, and tomorrow.

The discomfort we feel can be converted into opportunity. The essential work of taking care of landfills in eco-friendly, bio-responsible ways could lead to new technology, new industry, and more work.  When we face our challenges, we might save ourselves.