Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Aaaand we're back

It's been about 8 months since I dropped off the face of the blogosphere, and I've been delaying an "I'm back" post for a while since I feel super guilty for leaving in the first place. Mostly in the same way you feel nervous and guilty about calling the dentist to reschedule the appointment you cancelled three times for no real reason. I haven't been totally out of it since I've still been following some of my favorite bloggers & I've got some super fun projects in the works for 2016.

There have been approximately a bajillion life changes over the past 8 months, and it was super stressful and super exciting all at once. Some of that involved us moving in with my family temporarily to accomplish some big goals, and so far so good. Spencer is currently in the process of a career change and enrolled in school full time.

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While we've both got some exciting things going on, I'm even more excited to catch up with the blog world. Especially the fall fashion instas with carefully placed beverages I can only assume are in the pumpkin spice family. Also I need confirmation that chambray is still in.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Guest Post - The Lilac Linnet

Today I am excited to share a guest post by Llinos from The Lilac Linnet! Llinos blogs about healthy living, crafting, books & writes stories like the one she is sharing with us today. 

Hi, I'm Llinos!  The Lilac Linnet is where I discuss my daily life as a 27 year old living in Cardiff: hobbies such as crochet, the books I love and the progress I'm making with my novel.  I also write about the health issues which have affected me, such as cancer and depression.  My name is Welsh for 'linnet' so I paired that with my favourite colour to create my blog name.

The Night of the Note

Thea pulled her dressing gown tightly around herself as she sat upright on the sofa. She could ignore the click of the clock, but the street lights seemed to taunt her, their glare piercing home the lateness of the hour, the darkness of her mood, the absence of love.

Letting out a deep sigh, she wondered how she had got to this place. She had to stay strong now, and see the evening through to its conclusion.

Finally, a key turned in the door. Greg stepped into the living room, a ghost of himself. He gripped a piece of paper tightly, his fingers white. Though Thea was relieved to see him, she was tired. The words she had rehearsed evaporated from her mind’s eye.

Greg crumpled up the paper and thrust it into his jacket pocket. “I’m going to bed,” he said, his voice flecked with grief. 

Thea stood up to follow him. “What was in the note?”

“Nothing, it doesn’t matter.” Greg threw his jacket over a chair. “Let’s go to sleep.”

Thea padded up the stairs behind him, her toes gripping the soft carpet. She turned round; the force which had made her stay up so late, ready for a fight, curling itself around her once more. Reaching into the jacket pocket, she brought out the piece of paper and straightened it between her fingers. The words jarred her and she grasped the back of the chair to steady herself.

It’s over. I’m sorry.

Catching her breath, Thea focused on the words and their effect on Greg. She had prepared herself for this. But to see that look, the emptiness etched on his face… That was another sensation entirely. She swallowed hard, ready to go into the bedroom.

Greg was sitting up in bed, the light from the street lamp glowing through the blind and illuminating his naked torso. Thea froze in the doorway, scared to look into his face; scared to ask what was over, because it meant that something had begun. 

Greg looked at her with weary eyes. He lay down and pulled the quilt over himself with no words. The gesture angered Thea, and pushed the words from her throat out into the open.

“Have you nothing to say?” She stood over him. “Did you want to be found out?”

“I can’t go on like this anymore,” he breathed. Thea wanted to shake him, as though she could urge the truth out that way.

“Adultery must be so exhausting for you!” she shouted, her voice cracking.  Greg noticed it, but he knew he could offer her no comfort. He threw the quilt off himself.

“I’ll sleep in the spare room,” he said, standing up and making for the door. Thea clasped his arm, her tears glistening in the glow of the street light.

“Tell me.” The words quivered on her lips. “You owe me that.”

Greg gave in, to Thea’s words and his own distress. Sitting down on the mattress, he rubbed his eyes. “It’s over with her.”

Thea sat next to him. “Not for me.”

Greg looked into her face; so open, pale and clear. He thought how he had lied to that visage, time and again.

“Juliette came to work with us about four months ago. You know we were using freelancers on the Dunderson job. Well, things moved quickly after that. Now she’s finished the work, and she’s finished it with me by putting a note under my windscreen wiper.”

These few short sentences seemed to carve themselves into Thea’s being. Greg got up to leave the room, his energy spent with heartbreak at the callousness of Juliette’s behaviour. Thea’s next words caused him to pause.

“Do you love her?”

Greg let the truth wash over him. He didn’t want this life with Thea anymore. He didn’t want to hurt her, but he was done with the furtive lifestyle of betrayal.

“Yes. I wanted her to stay, and have a life with me.”

It cost Thea everything to hold herself together. Clenching her fists, she spat out at him.

“Did you not think of me at all? We’ve been married for five years; does that mean nothing to you?”

Greg grew angry at that. He had been honest with Thea tonight, and saw no point in analysing his actions. He’d fallen in love with someone who was not his wife, and that was a simple concept to him; but not to Thea.

“Look, let’s just leave it at that tonight. I’m going into the spare room. Try to get some sleep and we’ll talk tomorrow.”

He left the room and closed the door, leaving Thea reeling. How could she sleep when he had just torn her life apart? She felt a realisation burning in her chest, a decision forming in her heart, words gnawing at her throat. How could he be so cold, so cruel?

She marched into the spare room. Greg swore underneath his breath as her shadow crossed the quilt. “You won’t get anything else out of me tonight, Thea.”

Thea pulled the quilt off him. “Why do you think you’re in charge here?” She’d got his attention, and was ready for anything he could say. 

Greg sat up. “Have it your way, Thea. Just as long as you leave me in peace!”

Thea smiled. A calm, calculating smile. Greg automatically shrank into the pillows as she put her face close to his and almost whispered into his ear.

“I left the note, Greg. You’ve been played at your own game. Now there won’t be any peace from me, and you won’t humiliate me any further. Get out now, and I’ll see you in court.”

To see more of Llinos' work, follow her on twitter and pinterest

Thursday, January 15, 2015

This is How it Happens

I know I'm late to the party for the annual blogger-2015-goals-this-year-will-be-the-best-ever- fest, but I had a sudden realization & it just happens to be January. Have you ever seen My 600 pound life? If not, immediately sign on to netflix and spend the next 45 minutes of your life being simultaneously disgusted and intrigued. It's a fun ride.

Now that you've seen the glory that is TLC programming and said to yourself "How did they let that happen to themselves" about 32 times, we're on the same page. I had a sudden realization on the way home from work last night about how we end up where we are. One step at a time. (Mind blowing Tor. I know.) But here's the thing, while I was contemplating a quick stop at a fast food restaurant after working semi-late and being generally lazy I realized that this is exactly how people creep from their high school weight to Ursula status.

Side note: A coworker recently informed me that this woman, who was named the HALF TON KILLER (you have to yell it in your best Frank Reynolds voice) accidentally squashed her nephew to death with her excess fat. And I won't post a picture here because just no, but if you click on the above link you'll see that she really did look like Ursula before her weight loss transformation.

It's not just about weight and fitness. It's also how people get stuck in a career they only tolerate, or never develop a true career path. It's how people lose touch with people they care about. How they let their passions go to waste and their time be consumed with fluff. I've decided I want to happen to life rather than letting things happen over time. Time will pass whether or not we decide to spend it wisely, which is why I have given myself two broad goals for 2015:

1. To be the best version of myself that I can be
2. To be a broker of hope to others

With some baby steps & some more specific goals in mind I can work my way towards both of those. And in case you were wondering what Spencer's life goals are, they currently center around burritos.

Although we can actually afford extra guac, we are on somewhat of a spending freeze as we get more serious with budgeting & attacking our student loans. The "eating out" category has been cut pretty significantly and it seems he hasn't quite adjusted.

Anyway, I'm rambling because I haven't blogged regularly in a gazillion months and I kind of forgot how to do it. Am I supposed to end with questions? Because I kind of hate ending a post with questions. If anyone has any good books for goal setting, let me know! I'm currently reading Start but Jon Acuff and am obsessed.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

New Year, Newish Blog + Giveaway

After a long hiatus I've finally got a new design for the blog (yay!!), and some motivation to start hustling again. I forgot how much I enjoy the blogging world & I'm excited to dive back in. 2014 was a pretty solid year, Spencer and I moved in together & celebrated our third (dating) anniversary. Work life was good, home life was better & we spent a lot of time with friends & family this year.

So to celebrate the start of 2015 & my return to the blogging world, I'm participating in a giveaway hosted by Lauren from Pink On The Cheek!

Target $200

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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Not Just October

October is the month of #PSL, gratuitous instagram photos of pumpkin fields and a whole lot of pink ribbons. My Aunt is a breast cancer survivor & as a woman, daughter, niece and friend I believe raising awareness for the disease & early detection is crucial step towards a cure. So when Raewyn of Be A Warrior Queen reached out to other bloggers about promoting Not Just October, I was super excited.

Not Just October is a non-profit organization started by Lavar Jacobs after his mother passed away in 2009 of breast cancer. Lavar aims to support breast cancer patients and survivors, and educate women on the benefits of early health screenings all year long. Breast cancer affects families every day, and raising awareness all year round can help save a life. My favorite part of Not Just October are the "chance bands", and if you enter the giveaway below you have an opportunity to win one, along with some other awesome gift cards! 

"When a person passes away, they are mourned by friends and family for a short amount of time and unfortunately the memories sometimes fade away, my bands give us the opportunity to remember the strength of the person who battled Cancer and spread it across the world. Survivors and family members of women who passed away donate fabric which, we sew to the band and mail around the world. Their strength lives on! Each band comes with a small card that has some facts about the person who's fabric was donated." - Lavar Jacobs on Chance Bands

According to the National Cancer Institute, 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime. But, when breast cancer is detected early, in the localized stage, the 5 year survival rate is 98%. Websites like Early Detection Plan offer a great way for you to learn about the symptoms and risks, as well as develop a detection plan. I downloaded their app and it makes preventative care super easy.

For more information on Not Just October, the giveaway or to link up your breast cancer related blog post, visit Raewyn's blog post here